Handmade Bedlinen

Handmade Bedlinen By The Greige Warp

The bedroom is the only place where we belong to our true selves. There are no filters beyond the threshold of the door of the bedroom and that’s one of the main reasons why the bedroom décor should be of one’s choice and not that of an interior designer.
It’s a place that keeps you rejuvenated and keeps you going through tough times and prepares you for all the challenges that await you. So, it should be the place that should cultivate peace and serenity. So below are some reasons why you should choose The Greige Warp’s handmade bedlinen in your den.

  1. Handmade is unique and tells a tale of the craftsmen. Not only the bedlinens are unique, but since it has been crafted individually, they will exhibit the elements in such a way that each piece will be distinguished from one another. Handmade bedlinen from The Greige Warp will get included in your personal setting as it has always been there or was curated specially for your room. This personalization and tailored art piece are tough to say no to, isn’t it?
  2. The Greige Warp’s handmade bedlinen is made by using natural fabric. A variety of fabrics make these usable not for one season but are multi-seasonal. For instance, fibre cotton soothes us in summer and radiates warmth during winter. More such characteristics come with each of the different natural fabrics.
  3. They are easy to maintain and can be taken care of without much effort. Also, natural fabrics like cotton would get new with every wash. That’s one of the traits that make handmade bedlinen in natural fabrics very popular.
  4. Planet Friendly is synonymous with handcrafted products, as they are handmade, they require no electricity. At The Greige Warp, we leap further and ensure that we have chemical-free dyeing of the yarns making it earth-friendly and ideal for skin care. The Greige Warp’s handmade products are curated on the strict policy of that the planet belongs to future generations and we should take all the steps to preserve it for them.
  5. The unique texture and feel that is attained are due to handmade craftsmanship. The unique texture and feel can never be achieved by machine-processed products, and they result in flat products, whereas handcrafted products have special elements of texture to them, that cannot be achieved by machine, rather two artisans cannot copy each other as the way they move the warp and weft differs. Thus, The Greige Warp’s handmade products will be exclusive to your space.

Are you still looking for a reason to buy handcrafted products over machine made, then simply visit our website www.thegreigewarp.com and stay mesmerized.