How should I décor my place?

At The Greige Warp all our products are hand crafted and unique with premium quality yarns and raw materials used. Our designs are token of luxurious living in the most sustainable way that will leave you out of breath every time you see it and would be treat to eyes for your guests. All our collections are inspired by rich culture and traditions and has covered a special journey before making to your homes. We travel lengths and breadth before a collection is conceived and finally executed. Because Greige is French for raw (the collections are pure) and warp is to weave and here we weave sustainability with luxurious home décor products.

You walk into a friend’s place and you love their living room and start thinking to re decor your place, your brain cells are in a marathon thinking how to give a fresh look to your place too. Maybe buy Banarasi silk cushions or a classy Kashmiri rug, invest in a colorful Jaipuri patterned bedsheet or Hyderabad’s ikat weave floor mattress the list is endless. Next you try to search it online and the result is to travel and buy local. However, here at TGW we offer you all this and more and that too in the most eco friendly way. Not only our yarns are eco friendly but also the packaging in which they arrive at your homes is sustainable and can be used for many more purposes around your living space. So, what else is going to stop you from exploring our collection, step up and be ready to be mesmerized!

Mohit Miglani

(Co-Founder - The Greige Warp)

We are not just another sustainable store, our strong set of beliefs and with forty years of enriched experience we know our customer’s satisfaction and happiness is our top goal and with family like team we are certain to make no compromises.

Ritika Miglani

(Co-Founder - The Greige Warp)

Your home should tell the story of who you are! And be a collection of what you love. We aim to be a part of your narrative, with our products adorning your space.

Gian Miglani

(Founder - The Greige Warp)